Friday, August 7, 2009

A moment to remember....


How's life everyone? Good? Bad? Having a tough time surviving in this world?

I don't know. For me, i'm considering myself to be experiencing both of them. Because i see or should i say, God inspired me, that whatsoever happens in life, it is supposed to be treasured and not be ignored.

There's a verse from Al-Quran stating that, things we think it is good for us, might be actually bad for us, while, things in which we assume is bad for us, might be essential to us.

Come to think of it, isn't it true?

I've seen people or should i say watch some dramas and movies where some people most likely had to endure life in the utmost alien condition whereas they have to strive and suffer till the end of their last breath.

A very good example of it would be, the J-drama or Japanese Drama, Ichi Ritoru No Namida or One Litre of tears. It is a story about how a very young girl suffers from spinocerebellar antaxia (i don't know correct or not the spelling) in which she will be slowly losing control of her body simply because of some part of her brain is degenerating day by day.

It begins, when she realizes that she often stumbles when she walks, and that many weird things happen to her that other youngsters around her did not face.

One part of the story shows that, due to her condition, she had to trouble her friends and family and that she had always says "Gomenasai ('m sorry)" as she felt she is being troublesome to people around her. Then, one day, her mother encourages her that she must go on with life no matter what happens and always appreciate others. From asking for forgiveness, she then says to people, "Arigato (Thank You)".

One Korean Movie entitled , "A moment to remember" (what an irony), is a story about how a twenty seven years old woman, suffer from alzheimer. Her hsuband did everything not to loss her till the end. He even said, "Why should your soul be forgotten? I will remember things for you."

If you guys have the time to watch these two great entertainment, do watch. Seriously, do watch it. Both of them left great impacts towards me on my views towards life.

Not just that. I think what happens to those two characters, and also to many others around the world are a sign that God is giving us the chance to be closer to Him in a very sentimental manner. There is a saying that men would only treasure something only after they lose it. Losing things that is precious to us would help us to be more independent and also hopeful to God that He will guide us through all the hardships that we had to endure before the day of judgement comes. Usually, men would seek God if they are broke, so if those who had to undergone such experience, let us hope that their faith towards God is strong and that they did not lose their hope until the day they die.

"God didn't promise that life is going to be easy.
But He did promise that He will be accompanying us all the way through, if we want Him to"
p/s: Just clisk to the links and you will be directed to the page where you can watch the drama and movies online.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Life like this...


Chal chinae yo? (How are you guys doing?)

Me? Just doing fine, doing quite great actually, only a few coughs here and there, nothing much.

This time, i would like to share my views upon things that happened around me. It's funny that as you grow older and older you tend to take into serious consideration about changes that occur in your life. Among those changes i see one particular thing that i think it is good to be talked about, and have a say of it.

Have you guys ever wonder why certain catastrophe or bad things happens to you, and only you and not towards other person? To me, i had always believe that when such thing occur, it is best for me to not to pin point the faults or the reasons towards other people, but to reflect upon yourself what have you done either in the past or present.

I have experienced a few bumps in my life and i know it occur either because of my fault or that is just God wanted to put me into a test so that i could be a better person. When it comes to facing challenges, people often try their hardest to not blame or should i say refer to themselves first and would likely to point at others before themselves. Apart from that, many would love to act upon this word...... A. S. S. U. M. P. T . I . O . N.

They assume that they are actually the one who is being oppressed, bullied around, picked upon and many other terminologies that is related to it. But, if we look hard into ourselves, is it true that such things really occur, or is it just our "perceived disagreement"?

People say they are all fussed about when their requirements, desires, hopes and needs are not up to their standard. They demand things to go according to their own way. Well, people could thing as such if they want to, but do bear in mind that this life is not yours, it had never been, nor it never has, and definitely it never was. Your path had been planned out for you, and if you choose to take the wrong road, then go on. No one's stopping you.

Coming back on the "being fussy" issue, i would like to ask another sincere question, if you really want life as what you want it to be, tell me, if other ask of the same thing, did you or did you not meet up to their standards as well? If you do, thank goodness, if not, it is better for us to think who we actually are before demanding on certain things that sometimes it is not ours but we think it is ours.

For some, they would also demand other to 'change' according to what they 'assume' is supposed to be. For example, a person should not be demanding on certain things and should always consider other point of view when it comes to decision making. Or some would also say that, "You should treat people more politely, than what you are doing right now." or something like that.

This two examples brought up two inquiries that we should answer. the first one is, "If we want other to change, shouldn't we too do the changes to ourselves?". Secondly, "Should a person be as who he or she was, or should they change simply because we ask them to change?" The second question arises, as people had often use these phrase, "Be your self". So tell me, what does that phrase actually pin pointing out?

I would like to share one more point of view, but maybe perhaps later simply because, "learning is a process, and it is done rather in a step-by-step manner".

I do hope that we all can actually learn, if not everything at least something from this post of mine.

p/s: This post is only intended for us to do some 'check and balance' to me myself and for others as well. No intention on pulling down or mocking or bringing hurt or dissatisfaction towards people who read this post.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sarang Bakke Neun Molla

"I only know of love..."
Well, at least that is what the title means.

Love. Sarang. Ai. Hubb. Cinta.

What does these words actually means?

Judging by the look of it, one could consider it as one of the most valuable feeling in life. The moments spent with the loved ones seems like an endless fantasy, like you are being fed with ecstasy, that know no boundaries, but only creating the sense of intimacy.

Have I fallen in love? or should i say, Can i fall in love?

Before answering such question, won't it be better that we understand what's the priciple that lies behind this sensational emotions that people all over the world would actually do anything just to taste the gist of it?

Some say, love is beautiful. Others, love is blind. Also, love is difficult, painful, obsolete, curios,
harmful, childish and many other definition that people gave either based on their experience or the knowledge that they acquire.

How did it happen? Some face it in a very romantic, face-to-face confrontation, kind of love. While, some might experience it in a very peculiar manner, such as accidentally bump towards each other at one place and instantly fall in love at the first sight or after being provoked with so many assumption, that previously nothing occur between the two of them, till it become something out of those two.

Me? Guess how my 'love story' works. Actually, i was wondering, do i actually have a 'love story'?

Many would consider me as a type of guy, who is rather sensitive, or to put in a much better word, 'sentimental', has at least taste the bite of love cake in life. Judging by certain way i react, they might even perceive me as someone who has a lot of experience regarding to love since i speak so much or seems to understand so much about it.

To tell you the truth, there's only been 'monkey love' in my life, where nothing much like a human 'true love life', as it was only temporary.

There's two story behind it. I am actually rather resistant on continuing my effort on writing about my personal life, but i think i shold get certain things cleared out of my face and my life so that i could live a more peaceful life.

The first one, was rather a comparison between me and my friends of 'standard six'. At that time, i see many of my friends (not close friends though), had already got their couples and so forth (bad habit, can't resist of using these two words). So i thought, if others have their own partners, why should i be left alone? To make thing short, i found a girl in which i kind of like. Don't ask the description, not telling anyway, but it doesn't actually seems like a love story at all. Yeah, i was very immature at that time (just a quick announcement, i'm more matured now compared to then) but never had the chance to say it in front of her. But honestly, now when i think of it, it was rather stupid and i gain nothing from it. Since there was nothing to it, i mean NOTHING at all to it, and i have to transfer to Sabah, i'm happily leaving that life behind and ignore it for the rest of my life.

Then the second was when i was in Sabah. This time, it wasn't me, it was the surrounding. Have you heard that when a person, is oppressed or heavily influenced by his or her surrounding, the person will sooner or later go down wuth the influence. Well, basically, that's what happen. People start to 'join' us there and again and lastly, it just seem to happen. But still, honestly, don't think of anything else, or anything extravaganza, 13 years old is still way too immature for a love life. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary, and it all ended when i was again, have to move, and this time, ito Terengganu. At least this time, i have a bit of the emotions that arise when people are in love. The experience give me an overview on why people say that love is beautiful.

That's it. Nothing out of the ordinary. And now, listen up, this is rather the most important part of this lengthy post (truly sorry if it is too lengthy). Now or in Korean, chigum, or in Arabic, al-aan, or in Malay, sekarang, i have learn such a valuable lesson about love. Actually, i learn this while i was in form four and form five (no love story during these period).

Love is a precious gift that God have given to you. Whether you want it or not, it will soon arrive at your doorstep even if you're not prepare for it. Well, at least for love between human being. What i have learnt is that, true love among human can only be obtained if and only if there's the element of 'faith' towards God in it.

Loving another person, you'd probably want to live together forever and ever. That's is why many would 'seek' love before they undergone the marital stage. They think, that in order to be fully prepared for a marriage, you need to have a 'test drive' of it first. The desire to went out dating, having romantic time together, i dunno expecting to see each other all the time (hey, i don't have such experience okay) would need to be done before marriage.

But, let me ask everyone, even myself, in that case, after marriage, after having done so many things together, what else should there to be done?

Let's have a checklist; you've went out dating at the shopping complex, watching movies in the cinema together, having dinner at KFC, or any restaurants, exchanging presents ad gifts now and then, sometimes for no reasons at all, spending credits of prepaid to at least call each other once a day and other stuff. Hey, i'm not stopping anyone right here. I haven't got the right to tell what people should or should not do. Everyone have already mind of their own right?

But, honestly, would you be able to continue doing these activities after both of you set foot on the doorstep of marriage, especially, after soon having children and bigger family in life? Yes, it depends on the individual isn't it? Everyone is different, and have their own means of doing things.

I'm not saying that i'm stopping the passion of love that is burning in the mind and soul of those who are already in love right now. Do what you think is right to you, but as the saying goes, do human actually knows what they actually want in life?

I think i should end it here. Before that, i would to make several announcement.





Rumi once said,

"If i love You, I love myself, If i love myself, I love You"
(note that this YOU, I referred it to GOD)

to be continued........

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Understanding Art: Drama


Dramas had been one of many type of entertainment that allow viewers to go through along with the story a bit more details compared to yonghwa (movies/film in Korean language). Still, the impact is just as similar as movies or films. Dramas usually ranges from romance, comedy, humanity, school, and it also usually combine two to three of these elements.

For this post, i would like to share three dramas, in which comes from the same origin, but had been interpreted as well as influenced by the production geographical factors, such as language, culture and etc.

Meteor Garden (Taiwan version), Hana Yori Dango (Japanese Version) and Boys Before Flower/Boys Over Flower (Korean Version) all share the same storyline where a group of spoiled youngsters form a group called 'F4' and they were the one that 'controls' their educational institute (most of them are still students, only on different levels) with their money and influence. Again this is just the introduction of on how should we understand dramas as part of art.

Here are some pictures of them,

Meteor Garden

Hana Yori Dango

Boys Before/Over Flowers

p/s: Just a note, some individuals concluded that among these three, 'Meteor Garden', was the closest interpretation (the storyline) to the original manga, while 'Hana Yori Dango' have their characters' personality as close as the characters in the original manga and that 'Boys Before/Over Flowers' have the most good looking 'F4' compared to others.

I've changed (a bit)

Konnichiwa minna san

So how do you find my blog new face? i do hope it's not too childish. just want to get rid of that stiffness around me. let's hope for more changes in the future. maybe with pictures and others. I intend to do as such, but......... (feel free to guess why)

This is also one of my first step to change into a better person. Fate, Gambate kudasai!

By the way, after this it is going to be fate for me, so please call me with the name 'fate', no specific reason, just my cyber world nickname.

Ja, ittakimasu minna. Otsakurasama deshita (Job well done, I think that is what it meant)