Friday, May 13, 2011


X : Knock, knock!
Y : Who's there?
X : (Nobody)
Y : Hello?

Thursday, April 21, 2011


if there's a 're-'
then I'd choose reflect
if there's a 'de-'
then I'd choose defect
and if there's a must,
i must choose not to dream that far.
Not now, nor ever.

I've left my footsteps behind,
yet bit by bit it came lingering,
in light would I be that kind,
but in pain it constricts and binds.

this path i wish not to follow
now i must abide, with or without sorrow
let my heart be in hollow,
so long i be the best of borough.

fantasy, dreams, imagination,
reality, screams, hallucination.
I'll lead this way with thorns and bugs,
though I'd prefer many corns and hugs,
nothing pays in the price of shrugs
with me being,
a piece amongst those worn out rugs.

Love may cure, it may also poison,
I seek to endure, God let it all moisten.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yes. it is the furthest destination I'm going.
and i will do it wholeheartedly
i will use all of my strength to avoid that place, that space.
and yes, i know, it's going to be painful,
sad, frustrating.
hurtful, bad, and irritating.

because i've once chosen that road, that path, that intuition,
that track, that trace, that sensation.
yet God showed me otherwise
and with plain logic, He explains why.

"You don't belong here."
red sign boards, red stars,
red neon lights, red fluorescent moon,
red welcoming board, and the traffic light,

it's the clearest premonition of all. distance, is no longer a brawl.

though my end and others remain the same,
i have to sought another plan,
though i may still linger and frown, that frame,
i have to have distance, and become a man.

this life is His, and His only. I'm just a passenger,with His grace, I'm not lonely.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's never mine

Fresh air revolves
amongst the buds of pale coloured daffodils
of the greenery and the trees
and of birds and their chirps
a Spring to Spring, alive
the season of bloom

though flowers may seem lively,
and the sun shines so brightly,
still come the rain with all its might,
showers nor sprinkle alike,
reigning gloom upon the light
putting cheer out of sight

once the bulb blinking again,
I reach my strength and stand to regain,
things I thought I could own and touch,
and not having to have, to hold a grudge.

So wrong was I to think of such,
nothing in life is mine to rush,
I should have sit, or lie in hush,
in the end,
I wouldn't have to resent as much.

and the daffodils stood still and soft,
with the sky opens, aloft
those petals I thought I could just grab,
was never mine to hold,
and my Spring is now cold.

Moments too many can be recalled,
in words nor figures shall it falls,
May not I be the one for thee,
and thy for another,
May God still brings me the other,
though, regretfully,
thou may still be that another.

Never mine to take, never mine to own,
Life's a journey, God let me not be on my own.

The Broken Glasses,