Thursday, August 6, 2009

Life like this...


Chal chinae yo? (How are you guys doing?)

Me? Just doing fine, doing quite great actually, only a few coughs here and there, nothing much.

This time, i would like to share my views upon things that happened around me. It's funny that as you grow older and older you tend to take into serious consideration about changes that occur in your life. Among those changes i see one particular thing that i think it is good to be talked about, and have a say of it.

Have you guys ever wonder why certain catastrophe or bad things happens to you, and only you and not towards other person? To me, i had always believe that when such thing occur, it is best for me to not to pin point the faults or the reasons towards other people, but to reflect upon yourself what have you done either in the past or present.

I have experienced a few bumps in my life and i know it occur either because of my fault or that is just God wanted to put me into a test so that i could be a better person. When it comes to facing challenges, people often try their hardest to not blame or should i say refer to themselves first and would likely to point at others before themselves. Apart from that, many would love to act upon this word...... A. S. S. U. M. P. T . I . O . N.

They assume that they are actually the one who is being oppressed, bullied around, picked upon and many other terminologies that is related to it. But, if we look hard into ourselves, is it true that such things really occur, or is it just our "perceived disagreement"?

People say they are all fussed about when their requirements, desires, hopes and needs are not up to their standard. They demand things to go according to their own way. Well, people could thing as such if they want to, but do bear in mind that this life is not yours, it had never been, nor it never has, and definitely it never was. Your path had been planned out for you, and if you choose to take the wrong road, then go on. No one's stopping you.

Coming back on the "being fussy" issue, i would like to ask another sincere question, if you really want life as what you want it to be, tell me, if other ask of the same thing, did you or did you not meet up to their standards as well? If you do, thank goodness, if not, it is better for us to think who we actually are before demanding on certain things that sometimes it is not ours but we think it is ours.

For some, they would also demand other to 'change' according to what they 'assume' is supposed to be. For example, a person should not be demanding on certain things and should always consider other point of view when it comes to decision making. Or some would also say that, "You should treat people more politely, than what you are doing right now." or something like that.

This two examples brought up two inquiries that we should answer. the first one is, "If we want other to change, shouldn't we too do the changes to ourselves?". Secondly, "Should a person be as who he or she was, or should they change simply because we ask them to change?" The second question arises, as people had often use these phrase, "Be your self". So tell me, what does that phrase actually pin pointing out?

I would like to share one more point of view, but maybe perhaps later simply because, "learning is a process, and it is done rather in a step-by-step manner".

I do hope that we all can actually learn, if not everything at least something from this post of mine.

p/s: This post is only intended for us to do some 'check and balance' to me myself and for others as well. No intention on pulling down or mocking or bringing hurt or dissatisfaction towards people who read this post.

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