Monday, September 28, 2009

Stupidly enough

If stupidity comes from the word stupid, then idiotic would definitely come from the word idiot.

So what's the problem then?

Nothing. Even the word stupid itself is okay simply because it only explains about a condition where people acting irrationally on something. as for me, i did all the stupid things i could get my hands off.

Although knowing how stupidly i will turn out to be in debate, i stupidly indulge myself into it. Knowing that i have endless talks and love to actually spit everything out non stop, i stupidly continue to do talk the stupid talk.

The best part of all, knowing stupidly that i can't bear with many things, still, i stupidly take in charge of the whole cohort. Stupid isn't it?

anyone, or whosoever willing to read my blog, do u think that i am stupid enough to actually be a leader?

sorry, i can't think of any stupid things anymore.

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