Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Significance of 'Ahmad Alif'

Some people says that name portray the personality of the bearer. For me name are one of the important aspects in our life which does not only stood on the identification card, or on birth certificate, or on top of a business cards, it also covers the personality, hopes and dreams and also it will always remain intact to the bearer even after he or she died. Sounds sophisticated isn't it? Well, i am not trying to give a serious speech about names, just to share what i personally think about name.

Some may also wonder, why the name "Ahmad Alif" is evident through out this blog and other interactions connected to it. Such particular name is actually the "missing part" of an acronym formed through the letters, A,M,I,N which will soon form the word AAMIIN or AMIN. The word AAMIIN or AMIN reflects certain ideas. First of all, it reflects how the bond between a father and his son (Ahmad Alif or Alif is actually the names I figured out for future son, if God willing) is visible and hopefully the bond is strong as two names (Ahmad Alif or Alif and Mohammad Izzul Iqbal Norzamani) are placed side by side with each other. Then, it will also, hopefully, reflects the idea of the son becoming Amin as in Al-Amin or the one who is responsible in whatsoever means in life. Also its is hopeful that, the formation brings the idea of Amiin (a word recited in Islam after doa or prayer to seek for acceptance from Allah that the doa or wishes are granted).

One question might popped out, how about if it's a girl? Definitely, Ahmad Alif is not suitable (The usage of Ahmad or Mohammad or Abdul is usually used for boys only and that a girl is usually given the name with the addition of the suffix 'ah' as in Sakinah or Arifah or Afifah adn etc. Still, certain cases also occur when the suffix 'ah' is used in boys name such as Huzaifah, Hanifah and others. For boys after the name such as Ahmad a second name is usually immediately constucted without the suffix 'ah' as in Ahmad Alif, without the 'ah' suffix).

Basically if it is a girl, i would like fo her to be named Afifah. The reason is of the same as the above with addition that Afifah simply means "a light hearted girl" or "a soft and tender girl".

This "giving names" agenda might be perceived as "a bit too early" but to me, if marriage is considered to be very important in life, so, many preparations need to be done isn't it?

Below are several names and its meaning that I had figured out. Some might be correct in their own context and some might be wrong. Corrections are highly appreciated.

Ahmad/Mohammad/Muhammad = The noble one
Alif = the tame one
Izzul = the noble one
iqbal = the prosperous one
ihsan = the kind one
Faiz = the succesful one
Ainuddin = the eye of the 'din' (religion/islam)
Firdaus = the name of the jannah or heaven
Syahirah = the renown one
farahin = the delightful one
atiqah = the unique one
aqilah = the intelligent
fatanah = the intelligent one
jemimah = the dove
ch'ng = the noble one
Siwon (as in Choi Si Won) = the cool one
sakura = the name of a flower

and many others.....(sorry if i couldn't give much of example, if you guys have any, please do share)

Well, that's the time (and mood) i have for today. The campaign "One Journal, One Day" should be observed and i intend to do so. Wish me luck.

ok, bye for now or Hang guk saram (korean people) would say, anneyong hi gaseyo.


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  2. oit how about nabilah? i figure that there's suffix of "ah" too. not fair! why am i being excluded? i've promoted your blog to everyone including in friendster! arghhh bias!