Monday, June 1, 2009

With or Without: A Mustache & Goatee story

To most modern men, their appearance have become one of the most important aspects in their life. The saying, 'from top to toe' is even observed from a masculine point of view. Once, it is thought that men should not be too observant on their appearance. A bit of tidy hair style, smart clothes and other 'neccesary' aspects should only be stressed upon, the question of how you portray yourself through your looks are something considered 'unimportant'.

Speaking of that, nowadays there are numerous talks and discussions focusing on how men should boldly describe themselves through their looks, not to just please any sore eyes, but to also increase confidence and later productivity of whatsoever fields in life. One of the talks is about how well should you keep your facial hair.

Facial hair includes all kinds of hair a man usually have after sometime be it goatee, beard, mustache, 'side-burn' and others (if exist). Determining whether one should or should not have those hair is rather complex and complicated as it doesn't usually goes along with the saying '....those hair must fit your face.' Blimey, today's perspective about facial hair have diversely altered that no such cliche theory could be taken as a whole. Trends and mood happens to be one of the provoking factor that leads towards a man's choice on his facial hairstyle. For me personally, i would consider having beard and mustache as a good thing (considering most of the time i have them) simply because 'they' functions as a good presenter to not make my face looks a bit to chubby (although it is true). Still, to most actors, singers and models, and not to forget, the youngster, many of them would say no to mustache and beard. School youngster are excluded in Malaysia as the rules of a normal secondary school in Malaysia refrain the students from having any facial hair, though they still accept the idea that 'mustache and beard makes you look older before your age'.

During this three week holiday, i planned to improvise my looks on trying something rather different. I have tried for so many countless time on improving my appearance but usually the results are unpredictable. Maybe i just need to focus on other things if i am really that 'nerdy' kind of guy.

I wish i could share the before and after photos of the mustache and goatee story, but what can i do, there are no means of picturizing those photos for me.

Anyhow, if you guys see the difference, do tell me, because it seems that i need to 'see' myself from the other people's mirror for the sake of improvision and a better me.

Previously i've used Hangu go or Korean Language as an ending, now lets say good bye in Nihon or Japanese Language, Sayonara.


  1. chit! izzul with beard! hahahaha it tickles me!

  2. DUN EVER2 PUT BEARD ZUL! unlike lala,i dun feel tickled...just takut nak pandang je...