Friday, June 26, 2009

Too academic? Really?

ola everyone

this few days i heard people said my blog is a bit too academic. Well actually i am trying not to be that academic, but i don't know just can't resist the idea of discussing matters in an academic manners i.e with examples and relevant details to it. Good news everyone, i'll try a bit harder to be a bit more casual after this, like what i'm trying to on my personality.

Have it come across your mind, that at certain point in your life, you haven't undergone much changes be it in your mentality, or personality or even appearance. regarding to this issue, i think, there are two main opinions about it; one stated that you should just be your own self and the other would demand you to change. If you were given such question, which one would you think best suit yourself?

i'm still in the dilemma of such ambiguities. actually, i would like to have or to acquire a gentleman personality, which include, speaking rather politely with a lot of charming gestures here and there and that his articulation bring peace to others and not bringing a disturbing atmosphere. Maybe i was asking too much. i'm not saying that i'm not grateful for who i am, but it is just that i realise certain issues i need to clear out or to at least reaching the point where i have to behave accordingly to my age.

it is the fact about being grateful or not, it is the fact that i have yet to know myself thoroughly. in addition to that, i have this initial kind of thing where people around me are being (this is just my view) rather sceptical about me trying to change to a better person.

For example, well basically i know i'm the kind of person who usually make or try to make jokes in which is usually lousy so that others could laugh around. still, at certain time,i was being rather serious and i hope others will respond accordingly, but unfortunately, they didn't.

not expressing any depression just saying out loud what i'm thinking right now. evenhough stil in the dilemma, i do hope that i become a better person each day.

Do leave out your comments for this post. It would mean tremendously lot to me.

au revoir


  1. it's ok to be that way you do.diff people think diffly and no one is exactly you besides you.if you r willing and having the will urself to change and be more casual with this blogging things and as a person urself.
    then do it.
    changes is needed in every path we take to be someone better and better~
    but it must be ur own desire.

    viel gluck!

  2. zul,sometimes i think you just try too know i am unbothered to bully you like some others (wat i do is self defense against all the venom you shoot me with).i'll get to the point.all you need to do is think carefully before voicing out your opinions (also sumarise it).we un that u dun mean to hurt or annoy,but some things you say...well,it hurts and just put yourself in others shoe,think how others will are actually polite,no denying that...dun worry too much though