Sunday, July 4, 2010

That’s why we MUST love them more than others…

Cliché may it seems, but that’s the whole idea when it comes to discussing who should you literally and figuratively poured your metaphorically liquefied love. Most people would understand that, our love towards parents SHOULD & if not excessively stated, MUST be more than any other human beings, well of course after God and His Messenger.

Some people of certain community, not necessarily within a particular culture tend to disembark on a different journey, away from their parents after reaching a certain age. If others have their own reason on disagreeing to this statement, well I think everyone knows what suits their life the best.

Mine, I’m highly indebted with my parents even at the point where most likely shouldn’t be any more of a burden to them. To clear things out, it’s not something anyone would have wanted to do, some who’d arrived at the mature stage of their life of course. It’s just the matter of some tentacles of your body or your souls tends to outstretch accordingly and some still seeking ways of limiting themselves from any forms of exposure.

Anyway, just trying out my writing skills. It’s been a while, a VERY LONG While, since I’ve post anything on my blog. Leave comments as you wish. I’m hoping to put more effort on filling in my blog with a lot of other inputs.

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