Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's never mine

Fresh air revolves
amongst the buds of pale coloured daffodils
of the greenery and the trees
and of birds and their chirps
a Spring to Spring, alive
the season of bloom

though flowers may seem lively,
and the sun shines so brightly,
still come the rain with all its might,
showers nor sprinkle alike,
reigning gloom upon the light
putting cheer out of sight

once the bulb blinking again,
I reach my strength and stand to regain,
things I thought I could own and touch,
and not having to have, to hold a grudge.

So wrong was I to think of such,
nothing in life is mine to rush,
I should have sit, or lie in hush,
in the end,
I wouldn't have to resent as much.

and the daffodils stood still and soft,
with the sky opens, aloft
those petals I thought I could just grab,
was never mine to hold,
and my Spring is now cold.

Moments too many can be recalled,
in words nor figures shall it falls,
May not I be the one for thee,
and thy for another,
May God still brings me the other,
though, regretfully,
thou may still be that another.

Never mine to take, never mine to own,
Life's a journey, God let me not be on my own.

The Broken Glasses,

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