Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yes. it is the furthest destination I'm going.
and i will do it wholeheartedly
i will use all of my strength to avoid that place, that space.
and yes, i know, it's going to be painful,
sad, frustrating.
hurtful, bad, and irritating.

because i've once chosen that road, that path, that intuition,
that track, that trace, that sensation.
yet God showed me otherwise
and with plain logic, He explains why.

"You don't belong here."
red sign boards, red stars,
red neon lights, red fluorescent moon,
red welcoming board, and the traffic light,

it's the clearest premonition of all. distance, is no longer a brawl.

though my end and others remain the same,
i have to sought another plan,
though i may still linger and frown, that frame,
i have to have distance, and become a man.

this life is His, and His only. I'm just a passenger,with His grace, I'm not lonely.

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