Thursday, April 21, 2011


if there's a 're-'
then I'd choose reflect
if there's a 'de-'
then I'd choose defect
and if there's a must,
i must choose not to dream that far.
Not now, nor ever.

I've left my footsteps behind,
yet bit by bit it came lingering,
in light would I be that kind,
but in pain it constricts and binds.

this path i wish not to follow
now i must abide, with or without sorrow
let my heart be in hollow,
so long i be the best of borough.

fantasy, dreams, imagination,
reality, screams, hallucination.
I'll lead this way with thorns and bugs,
though I'd prefer many corns and hugs,
nothing pays in the price of shrugs
with me being,
a piece amongst those worn out rugs.

Love may cure, it may also poison,
I seek to endure, God let it all moisten.


  1. you write this youself? :O

    *standing ovation*

  2. yes,kind of. huhu it's not that great though